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UNIQUENESS turns the common into something extraordinary. You cannot find it in particular details, it only exists in the overall picture: that means alive and in motion, in colour and light, with rhythm and sound.

About prechtlFILM

It's a movie agency located in Munich, Bavaria.

My work is the art of making movies. In the past this art was only possible with a big effort and budget. The costs rose boundless. There was no efficiency or sustainability. Now technology offers new possibilities to enable a movie as an economically priced product. But technology is not enough! You need a character to recognize characteristics and to set priortities in the right way.

It is about having an eye for the special things, recognizing and handling the whishes and imaginations of the clients. It’s not just a simple catching pictures with a camera, but finding and underlining the extraordinary. Once the movie is finished there is one important thing left to do: it has to be seen! Therefore I help you creating your homepage and positioning your movie in the www.



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Every man is longing for something special in his life and is searching that also in his products. Thats why the transmitted emotion often predominate the pragmatic benefit of a purchase. To arouse this emotion is the job to do – holistically and appealingly in the form of a movie


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The M-Team

Another extremely successful DTM season for BMW Motorsport drew to a close in Hockenheim on 19th October 2014. Both the Drivers’ and the Team titles went to Munich, thanks to Marco Wittmann and BMW Team RMG. BMW achieved five wins, 11 podiums, four pole positions and four fastest laps in the 2014 DTM season. No other manufacturer won as many races as BMW in 2014.

So if you love motorsport, if you want to get to know some of the best DTM drivers around, and if you want to celebrate success, support the M Team.

Pilot Profile Martin Šonka

Martin Sonka is one of the most successful Czech air-force and aerobatic pilots in the world. Since his 2010 debut at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, he’s flown his way up in the rankings with the best, demonstrating his elite capabilities in all types of aircraft.

Camera: Red Bull Air Race

Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music used from Universal Publishing Production Musik

BMW Stories Bruno Spengler

Das ist die Geschichte von Bruno Spengler. Schon als Kind war er mit seinem Vater im BMW M3 unterwegs. Danach trat er seinen Weg an die Spitze des Motorsports an. 2012 gelang ihm mit BMW Motorsport und seinem “Black Beast”, dem BMW Bank M3 DTM, die Krönung: Spengler gewann den Fahrertitel in der DTM. Bei Drive like Bruno, dem exklusiven Driving Event der BMW Bank, lässt er seine Fans die Faszination des Motorsports auch in diesem Jahr selber spüren.

Camera & Cut: Markus Prechtl

Red Bull Air Race Ascot Hero Shoot

Editing the Heroshoot for the Red Bull Air Race in Ascot.


WRC Finland

Finnish celebrations – Volkswagen driver Latvala triumphs in WRC home event.

Camera: WRC & Mark Motzko

Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music used from Universal Publishing Production Musik

SGL Recruiting Movie

Employees of SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers were asked about what they love about their work, what motivates them on a daily basis and why the topic carbon fiber is so interesting to them.

Production: prechtlFILM

Camera & Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music used from Universal Publishing Production Music

BMW A Dream Comeback

Bruno Spengler secured DTM title no 4 for BMW in Hockenheim, BMW Team Schnitzer won the team title and BMW took the manufacturers’ crown. Relive the highlights of the unbelievable 2012 DTM season. What a sensational year this has been!

Production: ByLauterbach

Camera & Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music used from Universal Publishing Production Musik

Mexico Travel

In February 2013 i did some shoots with the GoPro Hero 3 in Mexico. Here is the result.

Camera & Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music Awolnation “Sail”

Mario Götze Making Of

Mercedes-Benz presents “Mario Götze – Portrait of a Fighter”.
So young and already one of the highest rated footballers in the world. Mario Götze talks about his drive, his passion, and recent obstacles he had to overcome in the early stages of a very promising career. What does it mean for him to represent his country, and what are his goals for the future.

Production: ByLauterbach

Camera & Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music used from Universal Publishing Production


BMW M235i Racing Teaser

BMW Motorsport is adding a new car to its customer racing range, which is spearheaded by the BMW Z4 GT3, in the form of the BMW M235i Racing. At a price of 59,500 Euros (plus VAT), this car helps to make motorsport affordable on an entry-level basis. Customer feedback has been very positive so far. No wonder, as the new car is a true beauty. But see for yourself.

Production: ByLauterbach

Camera & Cut: Markus Prechtl

Music used from Universal Publishing Production Music

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